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Are you looking for free wedding invitations to use to create your own free, easy invitation cards for your wedding? Then you have come to the right place.

You know how important the design and wording of your wedding invitation is, because you are going to give it to tens or even hudreds of your friends and relatives, so you want to make it look as beautiful as possible.

So where can you get easy to use, free wedding invitations? You can find lots of samples and free downloads on this page.

Simply download them, and choose the best design you like and use ti for free...

Printable Wedding Invitations - Collection 1: (PDF)

Here are some some elegant wedding invitation samples and templates that you can easily print and use for free...

Instructions how to use the invitation templates:

Simply add your own desired wording to the invitation card and then print it on a high quality paper.

Note: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these templates.

Printable Wedding Invitations - Collection 2: (Image)

Printable Wedding Invitations    Printable Wedding Invitations   Printable Wedding Invitations

Printable Wedding Invitations   Printable Wedding Invitations   Printable Wedding Invitations

Printable Wedding Invitations   Printable Wedding Invitations   Printable Wedding Invitations

Instructions how to use the invitation templates:

You can get lots of ideas from this huge collection of wedding invitation samples. So then you can choose the best design and tell your wedding planner to make it for you.

Or you can open the image in a picture editting program on your computer and replace the current text with your own desired wedding invitation wording. Then simply print your card.

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